Python MC

In collaboration with Google, Python MC leverages cultural music and curriculum as they develop core competencies in computational thinking.

Client: Google
Date: February 20, 2017
Services: Music, Curriculum, Annotation Software

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Put the soul in the flow, that’s controlling the code

Python is an open-source, interactive programming language that emphasizes code readability and simplified syntax structures, allowing the average user to write basic computer programs. Although users can download a variety of guides, Python can be somewhat inaccessible to a younger audience due to its strictly traditional approach.

The Rapport Approach

Computer science is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, yet when you think of the face of computer science, the image is decidedly white and male. Through the Python MC app, minority students will be able to access music and curriculum that indulges their passions and reflects their humanity, as they develop core competencies in computational thinking. After an intensive research process, Rapport Studios collaborated with Google and Soul Science Lab to produced original music that clearly explains complex coding vocabulary, concepts and processes. Python MC music is featured on The Annotator, an eLearning platform developed in conjunction with NYU’s MusEd Lab that allows for the user to engage with lyrics by virtually annotating key words. Our Curriculum Developers integrated the Python MC music into carefully scaffolded lessons that encourage students to visualize and physicalize the Python coding language. Culturally relevant connections show students that they know more than they think they do, boosting confidence and awakening a sense of ownership over their learning experience.